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Our Past Events

The Hazy Holes Scramble

    The Hazy Holes Scramble was a smashing success! This sold-out event featured not one, but TWO epic golf tournaments, along with a full-blown cannabis festival that kept everyone buzzing with excitement. Our special guest, the legendary Tommy Chong, was on hand to meet and greet his fans and the one and only Afroman stopped by to judge the joint rolling contest! adding an extra spark to an already unforgettable day. From tee-off to the final putt, the Hazy Holes Scramble was a hole-in-one experience for all who attended!

Drives & Vibes

    Drives & Vibes" was an exciting series of four Range Parties held on driving ranges, featuring interactive games for golfers and showcasing over 70 brands from the cannabis community. The event also included three golf tournaments, blending sports, entertainment, and cannabis culture in a unique and engaging way. This series provided an immersive experience for participants, combining the love of golf with the vibrant energy of the cannabis community, creating memorable moments and fostering a sense of community among enthusiasts.